Episode 1

In this, our inaugural episode, we visit Tuthillton Distillery (http://www.tuthilltown.com/) historic (and haunted) Huguenot Street (http://www.huguenotstreet.org/) and make old fashioneds with two recipes. We had a wonderful tour with Lion the tour guide at Tuthilltown Distillery and we drank all of the samples in the tasting room. Completely fell in love with their white absinthe. So delicious! Historic Huguenot was next and the guides there Amber and Davey were fantastic as well. Can't wait to head back for their Haunted week over Halloween. Cold Spring is a small Hudson Valley town that sits up next to a small mountain, or giant hill, depends your point of view. Frank and I hiked up one side, sat by a waterfall to eat our packed sandwhich lunch (peanutbutter and jelly, no better fuel for hiking!) and then decended into the Cornish Estate ruins as the sun started to set. Really fantastic hike I would recommend to anyone. If you do head up for a visit stop by Cupochino Cafe and get a coffee with Pumpkin spice added and a black and white cookie. Perfect inspiring fuel for the start to a lovely hike in the woods. We also stopped by the neighboring town of Beacon which was a contrast having a young vibe with viynal toy shops and Doctor Who themed resturants as compared to Cold Spring's endless stream of high priced antique stores. We stoped at Tito Santana Taqueria for some very delicious tacos, (they offer vegan too!) and then muscled our way into Bank Square Coffeehouse for some coffee for the drive back to Queens. This is where that delightful Garbage Pail Kids/Bigfoot mashup mural was located. Very cool coffee house. The Hudson Valley houses so many treats like Brenneman Castle and many more distilleries too! We will undoubtly cover more little hamlets in future episodes. Cheers for now! -Jack

This is Bourbon the Cat! 27lb cat that roams and delights customers at Tuthilltown Distillery. There is also a lesser seen Rye the Cat who is black and tiny. ^.^S

Bourbon the Cat of Tuthilltown Distillery

#coldsprings #oldcornishestate #historichuguenotstreet #franktodaro #spiritsandspirits #tuthilltowndistillery #Beacon #cupochinocafe #banksquarecafe #brennemancastle

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